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Simple Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Falls

Fall Prevention

Reduce The Risk Of Falls If you have loved ones who are seniors, we are sure you have thought about them falling. Many people start to show some decrease in their balance and/or changes to their gait as they age. A fall can be very detrimental to a senior, even if they are lucky enough…

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Caregiver of the Month – January 2019

Caregiver of the month- January2019

We are blessed here at Care at Home to have so many wonderful Caregivers! Each month we tackle the difficult question of who to name as our Caregiver of the Month. Congratulations to Oldine L. for being selected as Care at Home’s Caregiver of the Month for January 2019! Darcie M, Oldine L., and Jodi…

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Let Care At Home Help You Keep Those New Years’ Resolutions

Make Time for You Resolution

Care at Home Can Help A New Year once again. For many of us, that means making resolutions to improve ourselves in some way. This could be anything from being more organized, to losing weight and eating healthier, to increasing our exercise. These are all very good goals, but sadly, for many of us, life…

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Caregiver of the Month – December 2018

Caregiver of the Month- December 2018

This month, Care at Home is nominating our amazing support staff as Caregiver of the month! In the Spirit of the Holidays, this Team extended themselves in magical ways to brighten our lives!      Angela… the First Friendly face you see as you visit our bustling office. She seamlessly answers the phones while working hard…

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What is a DNR and Does Your Parent Need One?

Information about what a DNR is and if your parent needs one

Caregiver in Niantic CT: As a caregiver to an older adult, you’re likely to have to make some tough decisions now and then. When your aging relative has a chronic condition or is nearing the end of their life, the decisions can be even more difficult.

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Tips for Preventing Telephone Scams

Elderly Man with cell Phone- Help prevent your senior from falling for a phone scam

Elder Care in Ledyard CT: Sometimes it seems like every time the telephone rings, it’s someone trying to trick you out of your hard-earned money. They tell you your computer has a virus and they need to remotely access it to fix the problem.

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Caregiver of the Month – November 2018

Care at Home's Caregiver of the Month

Caregiver in New London CT: This month, Care At Home is nominating our live-in caregiver Grace S. Live-in caregiving work is a job that requires kindness, patience, and selflessness, and Grace possesses each of those traits in abundance.

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